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As the European Culture Channel, ARTE provides cultural programming that fosters understanding among Europeans and brings people together.

Born of a Franco-German partnership in 1991, ARTE is non-commercial and receives 95% of its funding from TV licence fees in both countries. ARTE is made up of three units: ARTE GEIE, the headquarters in Strasbourg, is responsible for programming and transmission, while the French and German members, ARTE France in Paris and ARTE Deutschland in Baden-Baden, provide most of the programmes.

Since 2015, ARTE has offered a range of programmes with English and Spanish subtitles, in addition to its legacy languages French and German. Creating a television channel for two audiences was a first in television history and is still an exception in the global TV market today. Since its creation, ARTE has been committed to cultural diversity and multilingualism, convinced that better circulation of European broadcast content can make a considerable contribution to European cultural integration.

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System integration:

  • Tapeless workflow for their existing HD infrastructure.
    • Sound editing rooms.
    • Video editing rooms.
    • Centralised content management system.
    • Network Operations Centre.
    • Playout Control rooms.
    • Production control rooms.
    • QC rooms.