BCE’s Newslink connects ENEX into the Middle East with its 54th member Al Arabiya

ENEX continues its worldwide development with key members. Its recent upgrade to HD of its workflow and Newslink systems allows direct connectivity to the members while ensuring the perfect availability of content.

Al Arabiya runs an extensive global network of correspondents and reporters to provide its audiences with the latest updates, scoops, interviews, and exclusives.

With nearly 30 offices around the world and large-scale presence in several key countries such as Iraq, the Palestinian territories, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen; Al Arabiya enjoys a competitive edge in providing on-ground, first hand coverage of major events of relevance to its audience and the world at large.

View of Al Arabiya Newsroom
Al Arabiya Newsroom HQ, Media City Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A photo of Adrian Wells, Managing Director at ENEX
Adrian Wells, Managing Director at ENEX

Adrian Wells, Managing Director of ENEX said: “The Middle East’s politics and conflicts are of huge significance to every country and newsroom around the world. It is vital that ENEX is represented in the region and we couldn’t wish for a more established and significant partner.”

Over the last 3 years ENEX has been rapidly developing its global network of partnerships. Already represented in the Middle East through its Kurdish partner, Rudaw, based in Erbil, Northern Iraq, ENEX’s footprint now extends to Africa and Asia.

“Newslink drives the development of our members’ network thanks to its flexibility and easy integration to our members’ workflows, allowing a complete access to all our media”

Nakhle El Hage, News Director of Al Arabiya joined MBC in 1991, initially as a reporter and then producer of the main evening news bulletin.

El Hage said: “Al Arabiya is the leading news network in many markets and we achieved this by providing objective, timely and impartial news. We want to remain on top, delivering news that’s fast accurate, diverse and comprehensive.”

Al Arabiya is part of the MBC Media Group based in Dubai. MBC is the leading privately owned television company in the region with 23 different channels serving its audience free to air and subscription channels. Al Arabiya is not the only news channel in the MBC line up. Al Hadath was launched in 2012 to focus on live events.

ENEX’s move eastwards reflects the other key change in the news cooperative’s operations with 24-hour coordination now in place through ENEX’s satellite offices in Bogota, Colombia and Sydney, Australia.

Portrait of Nakhle El Hage, News Director of Al Arabiya
Nakhle El Hage, News Director of Al Arabiya

“BCE and ENEX are long term partners, we are glad to contribute, technology speaking, to the development of the company. The new version of Newslink is the perfect blend between flexibility, ease of use and effectiveness. We will continue to provide ENEX with our technology and software development services and build a strong network of talented news companies,” concludes Tun Van Rijswijck, COO at BCE.

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