BCE was partner in MOTSWAN project

The MOTSWAN project (Mobile TV Services Whatever Access Network) supported by Celtic (The European R and D programme fully dedicated to end-to-end telecommunication solutions) was finished this Thursday 15 December 2011.

The project started in July 2009 and was initiated by Gemalto SA (France), the world leader in digital security. Having worked together with BCE in other research programmes, the French company asked BCE to be a partner in this project.

TV services are delivered via a number of different access networks. For Mobile TV alone, optimization of the network infrastructure cost for different reception conditions over 100% of a territory, require to take advantage of different access network technologies.

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The aim of the MOTSWAN project was to develop advanced technologies allowing a convenient user experience for the end user whatever the access network technology was. This included the following functions:

  • Service discovery (ESG…)
  • Service subscription
  • Access control to services (service protection and rights management)
  • Interactive TV
  • Service access in “roaming” situation
  • Mobile TV services including personal and context aware data services

The main focus of the project was on Mobile TV and Radio services, i.e. services available on a handheld device, whatever the access network. But the case of PCs and Set-Top boxes could be included in the scope of the project.

The following access networks technologies were considered in the scope of the project:

  • DVB-H
  • DVB-SH
  • 3G/MBMS
  • LTE
  • 3G femtocells at home
  • Home ADSL+Wifi for reception on wifi-enabled TV-phones
  • Public Wifi access (hotspot, wifi communities etc…)
  • Public Wimax access (same)

List of partners:

BCE (Luxembourg), Dibcom (France), Digita Oy (Finland), Elisa Corporation (Finland), Expway (France), Gemalto SA (France), Icareus (Finland), Neusoft (Finland), PrimeTel (Cyprus), Sanoma Entertainement (Finland), Sofia Digital Ltd. (Finland) Thomson Grass Valley France SA (France), Thomson R&D (France), University of Turku (Finland), VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) (Finland).

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