BCE produced the video of the Gala Marketers

During the Gala Marketers 2011 that took place in Luxembourg on the 13th October 2011, BCE was on site as welcoming sponsor to present its services and also captured the best moments of the event in order to produce a video.

The Gala Marketers was created by Marketers, the Marketing and Communication community of Luxembourg. The event is the place to be for Luxembourg MARCOM people, combining a real business networking event to an Awards ceremony.

By producing the video for Marketers, BCE shows its capacity to produce professional videos for any type of budgets. The video is a medley of real professional filming, serious construction with a film director and TV quality graphical work.

“We were very pleased by the video of the Gala Marketers 2011. The video dynamics reflect perfectly the evening atmosphere. BCE managed to highlight the best moments of this 3rd edition in 3 minutes!” The Marketers team.

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