Stream engaging meetings, events and conferences globally with BCE’s streaming.

BCE Streaming is a set of services to enhance your live streaming, allowing you to setup your coverage with full confidence, ensure it perfectly matches your corporate identity, get in touch with your audience, share your videos and increase customer loyalty.

With BCE Streaming you can concentrate on your meetings and leave the production and technology aspects to us. But BCE Streaming goes far beyond this, with the possibility of creating your own video portal and do more with your content.

For all your streaming needs – Discover our solutions to engage your viewers

Prepare your project

To ensure the best result for your streaming, it is important to be well prepared. To do so, BCE supports you at every step of your project, organizing the teams, matching your corporate ID and selecting the best communication channels.


Our project managers will support you in order to define which solution meets your needs, organize the production and ensure the best streaming results.


Matching your corporate or event identity, BCE’s graphic team can create all the graphics for your stream including teasers, trailers, countdowns, titles, cut scenes and more.


Targeting your audience is paramount. BCE selects with you the most appropriate channels (website, social networks) and pre-configures your streams.

Easy integration

BCE will provide your company with all the stream details to ensure its easy integration into your environment. BCE will run tests to meet your expectations.

IT Teams

To ensure the seamless experience for your viewers and a perfect coordination with your company, our IT experts are available before, during and after your live stream.

Broadcast-grade production

Producing and streaming major events such as the ING Marathon or international conferences for customers such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, BCE expertise ensure the quality and success of your project.

Production teams

Camera operators, sound engineers, lights experts, our production teams are dedicated to your project, ensuring the highest quality for you and your viewers.


Production means

From autonomous cameras and static lights to drones, mixers and mobile control rooms, BCE has production solutions for any type and any size of project.


Whereas it is a mobile studio or a bigger set in BCE’s premises, BCE has solutions to match your corporate identity while maximizing the video quality.

OB Vans

Following your needs, BCE has an outside broadcast van fleet allowing the production of events on the field.

View BCE OB Van


From its Network Operations Centre, BCE can monitor your project during its live broadcast to ensure the best viewing experience for your customers.

Live contribution

From any location, industrial, office or rural, we’ll have the technical means to contribute your content onto our OVP, could it be through mobile or terrestrial networks and even satellite.

Live Streaming

Engage your audience with dynamic live production, multiple angles, high video quality and targeted distribution. With key references such as Tomorrowland, The Fashion Week, the Skoda Tour and many institutions in Luxembourg, BCE has acquired a solid streaming experience.


Manage everything

Live stream multiple video feeds from a centralized platform and ensure its distribution to multiple communication channels.


In addition to the dynamic change of the streaming viewing angle, BCE can setup a live camera selection directly integrated into the video player. You can also add other feeds, such as a presentation or any computer feed.


Play simultaneously various streams with different video content as well as distinct audio. The viewers can select their desired channel directly in the player.


Whatever the viewer’s device, BCE streaming will work seamlessly on any OS and any platform.


Ensure the continuity

BCE has implemented an automatic quality switch in its video player, allowing the best viewing experience even during audience peaks. In addition, BCE can monitor your streams to ensure your program continuity.


Social network

Your stream can easily be setup on any major social network, allowing your company to be closer to its followers.


Advanced player

BCE’s player is geared up with many features including live rewind, adverts insertion, program details and selection.


Live chat

Add a widget next to your video player and interact with your audience, post extra information and moderate the content from a web console.


Integrate your live translation channels in the stream or add auto-generated captions, allowing your customers to follow your stream in their preferred language.


Select easily the countries you wish to cover or not, thanks to the Geo-targeting feature. You can also stream different content following the targeted zone.

Worldwide footprint

Thanks to an extended content delivery network (CDN) with multiple partners worldwide, BCE ensures the immediate availability of your videos on a global scale, including China.

Further valorize your content

When your live stream is over, it can be immediately available to replay directly in the player or uploaded on your website or video portal. BCE provides you with several tools to enhance your content online.

Advanced CMS

Manage your videos, metadata, languages and subtitles as well as their distribution thanks to BCE’s Content Management System.

Live to VoD

All your live streams appear directly in your content management system. You decide if you wish to publish them online or not. Your videos can also appear automatically in your player after being live.

Cloud Storage

Your content is safe with Itstored, the GDPR compliant cloud storage solution. Perfectly integrated to your workflow, you can easily access your files anywhere.

Detailed metrics

Thanks to BCE’s analytical tools, you may adapt your content strategy, develop your activity, gain new followers and enhance customer loyalty.

DRM protection

Secure your content with BCE’s multi-platform and multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution.

Improve your content

BCE’s postproduction team can turn your videos into multiple clips to present your company, create an advert, summarize an event, add graphics or even animations.

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