Digital Media Operations

BCE’s Digital Media Operations are a complete set of services to digitise, enrich, store, transcode, edit and distribute your content. Completely file-based, the services are managed by BCE with its [...]


Digital Media Operations: Archiving While IT, networks and media gather together in tapeless infrastructures and worldwide digital file distribution, content needs to be safely archived and easily searchable for the [...]

Content processing and distribution

Digital Media Operations: Content processing and distribution With the evolution of media platforms turning original content to dynamic ready to air/stream/download assets, it is important to entrust your files to [...]

Post production

Digital Media Operations: Post production With state-of-the-art file-based facilities, BCE has the complete suite of services to meet today’s post production needs. Post production services: QC and mastering Video editing [...]


Digital Media Operations: Digitisation BCE can digitise any type of material. Having worked for many years with US majors, television channels, archivers and global producers, BCE delivers film scanning, mass [...]