EBC launched its new TV infrastructure

After a call for tender, BCE, in partnership with Grass Valley®, was selected for the integration of the EBC infrastructure.

The EBC was created in 1995 (previously named ERTA) as the result of the merge between the Ethiopian Radio and the ETV (Ethiopian Television). Ethiopian Radio was launched in 1935 and ETV in 1964. ERTA broadcasts their news and other programs nationwide and overseas through radio, television and the Internet.

“Following our strategy to offer our services to the MENA market, BCE has committed to installing state-of-the-art platforms to media customers using its expertise and its trusted supplier’s network. This major evolution of their infrastructure will drive the company to a leading position on the Ethiopian media market”, comments Frédéric Fievez, Manager Special Projects at BCE.

After a call for tender, BCE, in partnership with Grass Valley®, was selected for the integration of this infrastructure. With more than 30 years of experience in integrating major TV stations worldwide and an extended expertise in mass content digitisation for important European media players, BCE was able to answer rapidly to their demand. BCE’s experts were able to install the platform and also train EBC staff to work in this new environment.

“In collaboration with Grass Valley, BCE took its first major step in Africa. Thanks to an off-site pre-installation in Luxembourg, our team succeeded in seamlessly delivering, in a cost-effective way, a high-achieving platform to EBC.” commented Frédéric Lemaire, CEO of BCE.

Taking advantage of its strong infrastructure in Luxembourg, with extended room for projects, BCE decided to install the complete platform of the customer in Luxembourg in order to prepare it for the local team. During this first integration in Luxembourg, EBC’s team came to Luxembourg to be trained directly on their new platform.

Playout control room of EBC in Ethiopia
Playout control room at EBC

The platform was then moved to Ethiopia where BCE’s experts teamed up with the local architects and EBC’s team to reassemble the parts of the pre-configured platform. The local team finished their training on site as well with BCE experts.

Meanwhile a large volume of EBC legacy content was digitised by BCE. Less than a year after the beginning of the work, the new platform was ready. To ensure a seamless start, BCE provided assistance during the launch and the first weeks of operations.

“The work of BCE exceeded all EBC’s expectations” commented EBC.

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