BCE has produced the new commercial for La Luxembourgeoise

Drawing on the long-standing cooperation between BCE and the insurance company “La Luxembourgeoise”, more especially regarding the production of numerous commercials that have blithely parodied various Hollywood movies, the two companies once again take centre stage with a commercial based on an innovative concept in the Luxembourg market.

The objective of “La Luxembourgeoise” was to present and promote within a short space of time its new product “easy-PROTECT “. The clip highlights the ease and advantages of combining into one single contract a whole range of insurance policies (car, home and civil liability) which everybody needs in his or her daily life.

To do so, BCE has produced a clip based on Murphy’s Law (an adage which says that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”). During forty-five seconds, the viewer follows the journey of a young man who gets involved in a series of mishaps.

The film makes use of the first person perspective, where the viewer sees through the eyes of the protagonist. To create such a perspective, BCE used a motorcycle helmet and shooting equipment to build an ultra-compact camera, which can be placed on the head and allows the actor to sneak into tight spaces such as, for example, a bathroom or a car.

BCE removed the reflections of the cameras in mirrors and windows and replaced them by the reflections of the actor without the helmet or of the car being put on the tow truck in the background. Finally, the logo of “La Luxembourgeoise” was placed on the pavement in 3D, allowing to add a slogan or other graphics afterwards (the pavement has been cleaned digitally of all stains and waste).

The reason why the insurance company chose again to work with BCE was not only their good cooperation in the past, but also because it was looking for a “one stop shop” provider.

Indeed, BCE took care of the entire project, from the script to the production up to the final editing including extensive follow-up work. Owing to its partnerships, BCE is in a position to provide services to all media (film, radio, television, bus wraps, etc.).

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