Fun Radio selects StudioTalk for its new radio studio

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Since December, Fun Radio has broadcast from its new studio located in Neuilly Sur Seine. BCE was selected for the integration of a visual radio solution (StudioTalk) as well as for the studio equipment installation.

“Studiotalk offers a wide variety of graphic enrichment features that give high-end results. Easily installed, the software allows the configuration of numerous setups both in terms of production and branding. It is easily accessible with or without dedicated resource, in automatic mode and manual mode. So there is a real opportunity to make visual radio in a very qualitative way.” explains Michel Nougue, Directeur de la Marque et de l’Autopromotion, Groupe M6.

BCE’s Visual radio solution ensures the convergence of radio and TV with multiplatform distribution, while equipping the client with a production system and a broadcast solution.

Through an intuitive graphical interface, Fun Radio studio has been perfectly integrated into the solution and allows you, via touch controls, to manage the realization of the program, the cameras, microphones, sets and secondary events. Fun Radio may also choose to switch to automatic mode with a production which follows the interactions and automatically switches the cameras.

“StudioTalk meets Fun Radio’s ambitious expectations. The excellent cooperation between BCE and the modular approach of the solution allowed Fun Radio teams to understand all the features of the tool while following the needs of the editorial teams. We will continue to enrich the features of StudioTalk, which will allow them to go even further in the layout and staging of their shows.” Olivier Waty, Technology and Project Director, BCE.

The graphics and animations of the customer have been integrated in StudioTalk and the station manager is able to use them live. This Visual radio solution also offers monitoring of all the studio equipment (cameras, monitors, servers, computers, etc.) in real time thus allowing the customer to immediately identify possible incidents and change the production accordingly.

BCE France took care of the studio system integration by installing the control rooms and main positions (speaker table, TCR, DJ, Production etc) as well as the equipment (cameras, screens, table mixer, computers, servers, loudspeakers etc). BCE France also carried out the wiring of the studio and led the various workers to meet the launch deadline.

“StudioTalk has the advantage of being a solution that can be easily operated by all the users after a short training course, even if they have never used video equipment before. The management of the different functions through a single interface, including the content of the scenery screens, makes it very simple to use. Trust and results leads to new projects; after Fun Radio, it’s the new studios of RTL and soon RTL2’s turn to be equipped with StudioTalk.” Concluded François Lavigne, responsable des projets video du pôle radio, RTL, Fun Radio, RTL2.

In the following months, StudioTalk will be enriched with elements of graphic design and essential features for Fun Radio, such as synchronization with the radio running order and the management of video playlists.

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