LUXE.TV selects BCE’s Virtual TV and Itstored Cloud Storage

LUXE.TV, the leading luxury channel, has selected Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) for the media management, content storage, global distribution and broadcast of their five channels.

LUXE.TV is the number one global television network exclusively dedicated to the world of luxury and the art of living. It broadcasts five channels in five different versions (one in UHD, two in HD and two in SD) in several languages (French, English, Chinese and Russian). Distributed on a 24×7 basis, in 126 countries, via 130 operators, LUXE.TV has over 26 million subscribed households in the world.

Its main shows are LUXE.TODAY, LUXE.THISWEEK, BEST OF WEB and DESTINATION Special, featuring luxury news and lifestyle, as well as targeted content focusing on fast cars, design, fine watchmaking, glittering jewels, red carpets, exotic escapes and gastronomy.

“The quick onboarding on a cloud-based solution proves that BCE has the skills and capabilities to embrace relatively complex customer realities while remaining extremely competitive,” concludes Baptiste Fosséprez, Products and Services Development Director at BCE.

Part of their digital evolution, LUXE.TV decided to relocate to RTL City in order to benefit from one of Europe’s most advanced media centres. BCE, a European leader in media services, system integration and software development, will provide LUXE.TV several services ranging from content management and storage to channel broadcast and distribution.

While LUXE.TV remains in charge of content production, the company will use BCE’s Virtual TV, a cloud-based solution which perfectly suits the needs of thematic channels. Virtual TV proved to be a solution that can be deployed extremely quickly while being accessible anywhere in the world. LUXE.TV will be able to manage its content, build its playlists and broadcast its channels.

Virtual TV will be connected to BCE’s Itstored, the cloud and backup storage solution. Thanks to its S3 compatibility, the solution will allow LUXE.TV to save its content immediately on a secured platform. The service will also encompass as well a 24×7 monitoring by BCE’s Network Operations Centre (NOC).

“In addition to the development prospects in partnership with BCE, the LUXE.TV team is enthusiastically moving into an entity that has seen the beginnings and much of the career of our founder and president, Jean Stock. With this technical approach, the past history, the present and the future of LUXE.TV come together in an evident continuity” comments Marie-Elisabeth Crochet, CEO Programming at LUXE.TV.


LUXE.TV is the leading global channel entirely dedicated to the world of luxury and the art of living, broadcast in HD and UHD 4K, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The programs are translated and broadcast in both English and French. LUXE.TV is broadcast in more than 120 countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Via LUXE.TV, you can reach over 26 million subscribed households interested in luxury and more than 1.2 billion viewers all around the world.

LUXE.TV offers short documentary type programs, exclusively filmed, edited and broadcast in HD and UHD 4K. And since June 2016, the UHD 4K version of LUXE.TV is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of week, with operators around the world.

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