itstored is the ultimate online safeguard for your content.

With BCE’s Cloud backup and storage solution: itstored, you can keep your content online easily. With S3 (Simple Storage Service) protocol being a worldwide standard, BCE ensures the protection of your files as well as its immediate availability.

Directly connected to your workflow, your content is uploaded in our redundant datacentres, giving you access to our expertise as well as numerous services.

Flat Rate

With an annual flat rate, BCE grants you unlimited actions on your cloud storage. You can upload, download, move, list, delete, your content as much as you want.

For more transparency, your cloud storage costs are not based on data traffic but on the number of TB storage space used in one or two datacenters for redundancy purpose.


To ensure your content safety, you can ask BCE to do the mirroring of your files in our second datacenter.

The site in our premises in Luxembourg city and the second platform in Junglinster (Luxembourg) are connected via dark fibers allowing real time redundancy between the two sites.

Numerous customers are trusting BCE, the datacenters are monitored on a 24*7 basis and regular failover tests ensure both sites resiliency.

Immediate access

BCE’s two datacenters have extended bandwidths allowing unlimited traffic to your content.

With the rise of data content in the world it is paramount for BCE to have the best Internet connection in order to answer the fast-paced market.

Choosing BCE’s itstored grants you access to the fastest Cloud storage available on the market. You may perform a Speedtest here (select Broadcasting Center Europe sa).

Large volume

With online, nearline and offline storage, BCE can answer all your needs for backup storage.

With its 22 PB (22000 TB) digital library, there will always be space for your content. Whereas you choose directly accesible content or off-the-shelf storage, your content will be stored in secured vaults.

The security is both physical (restricted access to the storage vault, 24*7 surveillance) and electronic (total mirroring of the content, user and password identification and log file).

Direct connection via S3

BCE’s itstored secures any type of media content. Thanks to our S3 compatible solution, you can store directly your videos, audio, office docs, projects, any type of files.

The S3 protocol allows the direct connectivity of your storage to BCE’s datacenters. With a simple configuration you can access BCE’s secured environment and benefits from all our services.

itstored is perfectly compatible with the majority of exisiting systems including: Amazon Web Services™, Commvault™, NetApp™, Office365™, Qnap™, Signiant™, Synology™, Telestream™, Veeam™ to name but a few.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The security of your content is our priority. Your content will stay in Luxembourg in Europe.

To avoid multiple carriers and to keep the control over the storage infrastructure and security, BCE took the decision to never use third-party storage sites in any other countries. Your content stays with BCE.

Meeting the GDPR guidelines, you will have full control on your content with a clear view on your file’s location. BCE will never use your content for other purpose nor sell it (or your account activity statistics) to a third-party. You are the sole decision-maker regarding your content.