StudioTalk is an all-in-one solution to produce shows, manage content, add special effects, control sets and broadcast your programs on any existing platform.

Experience live production and 360° distribution through an easy touch interface and powerful system.

Key applications


Transform your existing radio studio with StudioTalk and jump in automated or manual video production, brand your channel, manage your content, enrich your offer and broadcast live!


Discover a complete production suite which answer your every needs. Bring StudioTalk for outside production, connect multiple cameras as well as any feeds and distribute your content worldwide!


StudioTalk needs little setup and fits in a small flight case. It embarks all the technology to broadcast live content to your audience. Its touchscreen interface allows easy production management, anywhere!

Complete production suite

StudioTalk is your “one touch production” tool. Thanks to an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) a touchscreen and a dedicated remote, you are able to control the cameras, the feeds and the studio sets in order to enhance your productions with the best broadcast quality.

Your studio is perfectly integrated in the GUI, allowing you to easily configure the participants following your daily planning.

You can also trigger the automated mode and let StudioTalk ensure seamless production of your live shows.

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Automated production

StudioTalk can manage your production automatically, with voice detection, automated camera switch and branding effects. You may also keep the control in manual mode.

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Simplified GUI

The Graphic User Interface of StudioTalk has been designed to simplify all your tasks, rising up your productivity and enhancing the final quality.

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Touchscreen Management

The complete StudioTalk solution is controlled via a touchscreen. All the features are immediately available for maximum reactivity.

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Unlimited entries

With 20 input sources by default, StudioTalk can manage any input: cameras, PC, satellite, streaming, broadcast: any feeds.

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Animated sets

StudioTalk comes with loads of graphics but you can also create your own design and import it in StudioTalk. The branding can be programmed to follow your playlists or triggered manually.

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Participants management

With a visual view of your studio in StudioTalk, you can easily add participants with their titles and synchronise these with the branding.

Smart content management

StudioTalk is much more than a production tool. The platform comes with a large set of branding options such as studio sets, channel branding, titles effects. You are also able to import your own graphics in the solution.

Studiotalk embarks as well a content management system, you are able to consult your content archives, build your playlists (drag and drop), program all your secondary events and monitor the complete infrastructure.

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All your graphic elements such as titles, secondary events, studio sets are stored in StudioTalk and can be easily viewed and configured.

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Create your complete playlists within StudioTalk and synchronise your productions with your radio playlists for maximised interaction.

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All your productions, videos, graphics, sets, sounds are stored in StudioTalk online archive, allowing an easy access to your content for immediate use.

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Secondary events

With StudioTalk you can schedule, edit and control live your secondary events: Titles, picture in picture, bugs…

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Monitor your every activity with StudioTalk, including all your infrastructure and feeds to ensure the broadcast continuity.

360° Distribution

StudioTalk’s productions can be easily distributed by using a streaming solution, ensuring your content is available to any screen on the market.

By recording StudioTalk’s shows and provide these to a replay platform, you will be able to target and maximise your customers experience.

Combined to our file-based high-speed distribution system, our large communication network and our CDN, there is virtually no limit for audience targeting. Moreover BCE’s DRM services protects your content which is perfectly encrypted.

Worldwide connectivity with BCE
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StudioTalk answers perfectly your needs with Live production, with on the fly transcoding and immediate delivery to your audience and viewers.

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Thanks to a strong transcoding infrastructure and multiple CDN, StudioTalk allows direct content distribution to any screen with the best quality.

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Transcoding your content on the fly, StudioTalk ensures the perfect delivery of your content in order to maximise your broadcast footprint.

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Fast distribution

Your content is broadcast immediately to any screen, StudioTalk can also distribute the content to replay platforms to enhance user experience.

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Your content can be safely stored in our online archives and BCE DRM can protect your StudioTalk productions.

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Connected to our smart file-based distribution (Movie2Me) by default, StudioTalk grants you access to hundreds of media partners. StudioTalk can also be integrated with your own distribution system.