BCE’s TV Traffic Solutions are a suite of software covering all your needs for Library and rights management, long term planning, daily planning and promotion content planning.

Perfectly tailored-made to your channel, the solutions fits exactly your workflow thus increasing the efficiency of all processes.

With a very low learning curve, the solutions can be immediately used in your company, BCE experts ensure the transition and the daily assistance with on-site and online services.

Program library

Long term Planning

Daily Planning

Promo Content Planning

Program library and rights managements

Start your broadcast process on a solid basis with Athena, BCE’s program library, rights and material management system.

Athena is able to monetise the content and synchronise with the archive and accounting department.

Its modular architecture can be integrated in BCE software solutions or any existing software.

Traffic Library

Program library

  • Editorial information
  • Multichannel management
  • Screen customisation
Traffic Rights

Rights management

  • Negotiation
  • Accounting
  • Centralisation and archiving of financial and law files
Traffic Media

Media management

  • Assign broadcast IDs
  • Reporting

Long term planning

Cronos, the intuitive and sophisticated long term planning tool.

Cronos creates the long- and short-term planning, delivering chronological TV program grids, including detailed titles, materials, costs and rights information.

Its user friendly intuitive modular interface improves the current processes for the programming teams.

Traffic CMS

Complete management system

  • Program grid creation
  • Grid cost calculation and broadcasting rights control
  • Channel templates
  • Simulation versioning and reporting
    > Grid for non-linear rights /Catch-up, VOD
Traffic Flexible

Flexible & tailor-made

  • Full integration with your rights management software
  • Complete integration with your running order
  • Program formats fully customisable
Traffic User


  • Multi-channel overview
  • Easy grid drawing tool (drag and drop)
  • Low learning curve

Daily Planning, playlists management and author rights

The complete and modular solution for your daily planning management needs, Adonis creates and manages the running order for any kind of automation.

It also manages primary and secondary events. Finally it controls the media information such as time breaks, segments etc…

Its user-friendly interface allows a quick and easy use of the program: Adonis increases user productivity and can be integrated with any system.

Traffic Modular


  • All playlist formats for automation systems
  • Synchronisation with external schedules (advertising, clips, trailers)
  • Easy integration to any existing long-term planning system
Traffic Core Business

Core business

  • Event planning
  • Detailed description of shows and productions
  • Reporting of broadcasted events (sales, program rights, rating…)
  • Integration of AsRun Log from automation
Traffic Customisable


  • Control rules configuration
  • Channel templates customisation
  • Full secondary events management

Promo Content Planning

Plan your content promotion strategy and build automated promotion campaigns for our content with Minos.

The programs to be promoted are easily identifiable thanks to the programming grid that can be viewed in Minos.

Alerts on new seasons, new programs, programs in Replay, etc. allow the person in charge of promos to decide on the auto promos to produce.

Minos is at the heart of your channel information system since it communicates with the programming tool, material management and Ingest.

The implementation of Minos is a time saver for the team in charge of trailers who will be able to focus on tasks with higher added value. It improves the existing processes, based on manual workflows.

Logo traffic Tv Solutions - Minos 1

Complete information planning

  • The types of auto promos to be made (trailer, game trailer, evening panel, trailer to sponsor, etc.)
  • The different variations (Day, Tonight, Every Day, etc.)
  • The possible release days
  • The number of runs
  • The running schedules
  • The text for the voiceovers
  • And much more
TV Traffic Solutions - Minos 2

Automated creation

  • Broadcast Identifiers (BIDs) according to existing nomenclatures
  • Excel report of information needed to create the video files
TV Traffic Solutions - Minos 3

Multiple Content Creation

  • Short program like jingles, ads, pre-billboards, teasers, etc.
  • Complete promotional campaign for events of your channel