RadioLux selected BCE for the integration of L’essentiel Radio

Following a call for tenders for the radio frequency 107.7 MHz in Luxembourg, RadioLux won this tender.


The company selected BCE for the complete installation of its new platform. RadioLux was created by Edita, publisher of a daily newspaper in Luxembourg and the shareholders of Must FM, a radio station from the Belgian Province of Luxembourg. CLT-UFA has a shareholding of 25 % in the company.

In addition to its many services in broadcast, production, post-production, telecom and IT, BCE offers radio and TV integration services. With numerous customers including Must FM, BCE was the natural partner for this project.

Thus the radio wanted to acquire for its premises in Differdange (South of Luxembourg) a studio for live broadcast, another for production, which will also be used as a recovery platform for the broadcast studio, and a technical room. BCE ensures as well the FM broadcasting and arranges the radio relay links to the transmitter located in Luxembourg City.

L’essentiel Radio is available since 22nd February 2016 on the radio frequency 107.7 MHz.

Photo of Emmanuel Fleig (Radiolux) 
Emmanuel Fleig (Radiolux) 

“Radiolux is very satisfied with BCE’s services which have been irreproachable throughout the project. Even with a short timeframe, BCE managed to meet the deadlines. BCE was not only a provider but a partner with highly valued counsel,”concluded Emmanuel Fleig, Managing Director at Radiolux.

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