Target your viewers worldwide with BCE Fashion.

Fashion is all about creating the next trend. To do so it is paramount to reach the largest audience.

Thanks to a long experience in Fashion with key partners such as LVMH, Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Givenchy and Hermès, BCE is your best ally in video production and broadcasting with tailor made services.

Launch Your Next Collection

Launching your next collection needs the appropriate coverage. To do so BCE is with you before, during and after your event.

A dedicated team oversees the production setup, with the selection of the means (cameras, lights, scene…).
The same team will produce the live event plus ensure the live streaming or even setup an ephemeral TV channel.

Dedicated teams

With a long experience in fashion show coverage, our production teams at BCE are dedicated to your project.

Production means

Cameras, drones, Outside Broadcast Vans, lights, studios, audio… We have solutions for all your needs whereas it is for an inside or outside show.

4K, HD production

Produce your content with the best image quality to present every details of your collections.

Live streaming

Cover in real-time your events and ensure their distribution to your website, social media and partners platforms in the best quality.

Advanced player

Give your viewers the access to camera selection, show details, multi-language selection, subtitles or even live rewind so they do not miss one second of your feature.

Detailed metrics

BCE Fashion offers many analytical tools to help you adapt your content strategy, develop your activity and enhance customer loyalty.

Live to VOD and replay

Give your viewers the opportunity not to miss any details of your collection thanks to the immediate availability of the replay of your event on all your platforms.

Be on TV

Catch your audience with continuous programs about your brand and collections or simply add a communication channel for your ephemeral event.

Your own channel

BCE can create your channel branding, adapt your exisiting identity to video content or you may upload your graphics directly to BCE Fashion systems.

Manage it from anywhere

Broadcast your channel everywhere and manage it from anywhere with BCE’s cloud-based channel management solutions.

Secure your content

Keep your rushes, your edits, your videos safe with our GDPR compliant solution: Itstored.

Picturing your creativity

Picturing the creativity of your brand makes the difference, to do so BCE has the experience to capture and show the essence of your creations.
BCE will work hand in hand with your creators, marcom and brand manager in order to produce the clips adapted to each communication channel.

Fashion experts

With our long experience picturing collections from well-known fashion houses, our production teams answer your needs with tailored-made services.

Studios and more

Whereas it is in our full equipped studios or at your premises, BCE has all the means to enhance your productions.

Make it unique

Add graphics and transitions which perfectly match your brand. Create your own atmosphere and underline all the details of your collections with BCE’s post production services.

4K quality

Picture clarity and detail is essential for the fashion world. With 4K quality, your viewers will be able to see all the details of your work.

Your brand, your score

Create your own musical footprint, our sound engineers can work directly with your team to create unique musical experiences.

Access your content immediately

While your content is safely stored in our European cloud you can access it at any moment and use it immediately.

Show your history

Keeping track of your collections through the year is essential in the fashion world.
Give access to your viewers to all your collections as well as special happenings.
Create an online portal with secure access for your customers, suppliers and resellers.


Your own portal

The first step of your video portal is to create the best user navigation while matching your brand identity. To do so, BCE’s UX designers ensure a smart architecture to ensure customer retention.

Easy integration

Our IT department ensures the perfect integration of your portal within your environment, allowing you to focus on your content.

Manage everything

With BCE’s advanced CMS (Content Management System), easily manage your content, update its metadata, list the available formats, preview your files and adapt your portal videos wisely.

From Live to VOD

Your live videos are immediately available in your portal, allowing your viewers to experience your live events again and again.


On every platform

No matter what platform (computer, smartphone, tablet) or what OS (Operating System) your customers use, they will always be able to view your videos.


In any language

Our streaming platform manages perfectly multi-audio, allowing your customers to select their preferred language directly in the player.


With subtitles

You can also add subtitles to all your videos, adding the international touch to your content and thus enlarging your audience.

Protected with DRM

BCE’s Digital Rights Management solution protects your content from unauthorized distribution or generation of fake content.

In the Cloud

Thanks to our cloud storage solution, you can access your content from anywhere while benefiting from one of the most secured storage available on the market.


Detailed metrics

BCE Fashion offers many analytical tools to help you adapt your content strategy, develop your activity and enhance customer loyalty.

Make more out of your content

Our post-production team can support you in your content re-purposing strategy, creating new videos from your existing content and driving the attractiveness of your portal.