BCE Sports enhance your sport content and events.

BCE Sports is geared up with numerous services to enhance your sport content and events allowing you to launch a channel, distribute on any platform, ensure live coverage, digitize and archive your content and generate extra revenues.

While BCE takes care of the technology, you focus on your sport: our SaaS and PaaS answer all your needs, allowing you to select the perfect service for your current needs to boost your media exposure.

No matter what kind of sport – Discover our solutions for multisports

Launch Your Channel

BCE Sports is with you at every step of your channel project. BCE answers all your platform needs for both continuous and ephemeral channels broadcasting, allowing your company to concentrate on sports, not on technology.

Channel Branding

BCE can create your channel branding, adapt your exisiting identity to video content or you may upload your graphics directly to BCE Sports systems.

4K, HD playout

Broadcast your content with the best image quality following the type of distribution platform.


Keep an eye on all your videos and feeds: BCE can monitor your programs on a 24×7 basis and assist your company with a team of media experts.

Channel management

Broadcast your channel everywhere and manage it from anywhere with BCE’s cloud-based channel management solutions.

Cloud Storage

Keep your rushes, your edits, your videos safe with our GDPR compliant solution: Itstored.

Entertain Your Audience

BCE Sports grants you access to OTT, VOD, Replay & Social Media video. BCE takes care of the design of your platform, gives you access to an advanced CMS and ensures your DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Entertain your audience from anywhere thanks to BCE’s cloud-based solutions, including cloud playout, remote voice-over and media content management systems.

Front-end design

BCE takes care of the design of your platform, so you can focus purely on content.

Advanced CMS

Get BCE’s advanced Content Management System (MediaCMS) and manage your content, metadata, type, subtitles, versions and distribution.

Multi-platform, multi-OS

BCE’s solutions can be managed on any platform and deliver content to any OS, ensuring both users and customers satisfaction.


DRM Protection

Secure your content with BCE’s multi-platform and multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution.


Remote Voice-over

Create emotion by adding voice-over to your events from anywhere with BCE’s Remote Voice over solution.

Live Stream Your Events

Supporting events such as Montreux Volley Masters, MXGP and Tomorrowland, BCE Sports grants you full access to live streaming and on-site ephemeral studios. Your audience is in the heart of the action with our production teams and means.


Production teams

Our production teams at BCE are dedicated to your project.

Live streaming

Cover multiple live events from a centralised platform and ensure its distribution to multiple communication channels.

Advanced Player

BCE’s Player is geared up with many features including: live scene/angle selection, live rewind, multicast, adverts insertion, countdowns, replay, program details, adaptive quality, etc.


Production means

Cameras, drones, Outside Broadcast Vans, SNGs, lights, studios, sets, mics, mixing consoles… just name it, BCE will provide you with state-of-the-art production means.


Plug and use solutions

With BCE’s StudioTalk, you can easily setup a studio anywhere and produce shows, interviews and more.

Monetize Your Content

Do more with your content. BCE Sports secures your content with digitization services, cloud storage solution and advanced content management. Discover new ways to distribute your content and to re-use your archives.

Mass digitisation

Save your content and enhance its re-purposing. BCE ensures the best digitisation quality while delivery ready to broadcast and ready to play content for any type of distribution.

Storage solutions

BCE offer multiple secured solutions with online, near-line and offline storage systems.

Cloud Storage

Secure your content with Itstored, the GDPR compliant cloud storage solution featuring a flat rate, redundancy, S3 and more.

Detailed metrics

BCE Sports offers many analytical tools to help you adapt your content strategy, develop your activity and enhance customer loyalty.

File-based delivery

Our in-house developed system, Movie2Me, can initiate and automate the transfer of large files all across the globe.

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