Transport & transmissions: Transmitters

BCE operates several high-power radio transmitters in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, with coverage extending to many Western European countries.

BCE has a unique and extensive expertise in transmission consulting, planning and the setting up of transmitter operations.

Among the transmitters directly operated by BCE, there are high-power AM transmitters in Beidweiler and Junglinster. FM transmitters are situated in Hosingen and Dudelange.

BCE is therefore remarkably well positioned to offer broadcasting solutions for radio and TV programmes in numerous European countries.

BCE has managed the two long wave centres of Junglinster and Beidweiler since their creation. In 2011, in collaboration with Transradio, BCE installed and operated its first LW transistorized high power transmitter at Beidweiler.


  • 3 radiant towers: 290 m
  • RTL France – 234 Khz – 1500 kW
Beidweiler Transmission site

It is the largest FM and DVB-T transmission centre in Luxembourg. Its 285m high tower is equipped with UHF, VHF and FM antennas. It is mainly used for RTL programmes in Luxembourg.

In 2015, this centre permitted the first experiments in DAB + in Luxembourg. Using ODR-mmbTools (open source) technology, the old DVB-T transmitter for channel 7 VHF was temporarily converted into a DAB transmitter to achieve a 6kW PAR and comfortable 40 km radius coverage. BCE manages the operation, maintenance and development of the site.

Active services:


  • RTL Radio Letz – 88.9 Mhz – 100kW
  • RTL Radio DE – 93.3 Mhz – 100kW
  • Radio 100.7 – 100.7 Mhz – 100kW


  • MUX RTL TV Letzebuerg – C27 – 180 kW
  • MUX RTL TV BE & NL – C24 – 40 kW
  • MUX RTL NL 2 – C21 – 100kW
Dudelange tower
DVB-T tower in Luxembourg

Hosingen hosts the high power FM transmitters of the RTL Group. It covers half of Luxembourg’s territory as well as the German border.

The centre consists of a 300m high tower. It has recently been equipped with a DAB antenna to allow future SFN tests with Dudelange as well as possible commercial exploitation. All operations, maintenance and site developments are managed by BCE.

Active services:


  • RTL Radio Letzebuerg – 92.5 Mhz – 50kW
  • RTL Radio DE – 97 Mhz – 100kW
  • Eldoradio – 105Mhz – 100W
Hosingen tower in Luxembourg

Junglinster was the first major broadcasting centre opened by the CLR (now RTL) in 1933. Initially dedicated to MW, LW transmissions and SW internationally, today this centre is still always equipped with an LW transmitter and since 2010, new activities have been developed on the site.

Junglinster also has a teleport (Up & Down link), a data centre and RTL DRP. The LW transmitter is still in service with an antenna consisting of three 217m high towers.

All operations, maintenance and the development of the site are managed by BCE.

Active services:

  • RTL France – 234 Khz – 2 TX de 600 kW
  • Eldoradio – 95 Mhz – 100W
  • ENEX – Uplink to Eutelsat
  • M7 – Uplink to Astra 3
  • Yahsat – Internet by satellite to Africa and Middle-East
Junglinster transmission centre and teleport